People For the Ethical Treatment of Muppets


Muppets are kept in horrendous conditions their entire lives to satisfy the demand for fun-fur.  Whilst small amounts can be sourced from those kept in happy and ethical backlots, to make a profit, the funfur farmers lock muppets in individual cages so their plush coats are undamaged through the natural grooming processes communual living Muppets experience and need.

Muppets are becoming in-bred as the farmers attempt to produce varying fur lengths and introduce new colours to their ranges.  This leads to Muppets with serious genetic deformities, temperament and health  issues.  Adopting a freed Farm Muppet is a rewarding experience, watching them to adjust to living a happy life. There are societies working hard to free the Fun Fur Factory Muppets – please support them through your local agency.

Fun Fur is ok- as an accent for items such as amigurumi but we all seem to agree that it really shouldn’t be involved in clothing!


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