The Chamber of Crocheted Curiosities

The smell of the ages can be found here, vintage crochet tucked on a shelf next to the grotesque warped model parading the latest in fug couture (why, yes – I am looking at you, Gaultier !) and then the generalised  clothing which comes under the heading of “I’d rather plait my own leg hair than wear that”.

Here, we have assembled a Pantheon of Fug – three years in eterms is a veritable aeon and our Googlefu is strong.  The Fugxamples are arranged in themes, with notes as to the dates of discovery and particular commentary as tickles the fancy. 

This is an area under construction so we do apologise for the inconveinence, the dusty footprints and the smell of paint while we get everything sorted out!

The All Time Greats have been placed under special protection as befits the classics 

but, right this way to the rest of the Crocheted Curiosities!  please, wander around and look through our Exhibitions:




   Vintage Wear – Sometimes, vintage works, sometimes, it’s best just to close the wardobe door and hope the moths finish the job.




2nd Floor – Men’s wear.  How to emasculate the male of the species through yarn. 





Toys of TerrorHandmade for Christmas?   No problems, but please remember to provide sedatives for the nervous child.   And their parents.  This is where “Oh! – You shouldn’t have” =  “Really… No, you shouldn’t have!”



  Decorative Disasters – Less is more.  Definitely.





Happy HorrorDays – Christmas, Halloween, Easter? No Excuse for Fug!

  Next up: how to disguise your intimate items from holiday visitors!




It might be Artbut.. it might not be and if it’s here, it probably ain’t. 




The Catwalk’s Leavings – Many of these models have sought counselling after the wearing of this fuggery. The rest trampled the backstage staff during a stampede.




Junior Jumbles – How to traumatise children in three easy steps









Clothes on consignment -Items with an all-over disregard for the human form can be found here.






Going Rogue – Crimes against Crochet, so heinious a special squad has been appointed to hunt them down.





Save a Muppet – Say No to Fun Fur!  If you use more than 10 metres of fun fur… you’ve used too much.


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