I guess we all have days like this

Strange days indeed.. (most peculiar Mama…)

Always something happening and nothing going on.

I mean – we all get into a zone whilst we’re crocheting.  You know what I mean? when you forget what you’re really trying to accomplish? and the pea green next to pumkin orange seems to be lacking a hit of cherry to make it complete?

In my case, you wake up with a scarf that weighs as much as an afghan and a Christening Gown with a petticoat that is now edged by 11 rows of alternating HDCs and Puff stitches.  If you ever want to use up yarn, may I recommend this as a stitch pattern because I now have over 3 kilometres of 2ply in very close formation.

But in both cases I went through the darkness of a  Yarn-induced Creative Whirlpool and came out on the other side which would explain what’s happened here:

Not sure if this is a little yellow idol north of Kathmandu…

Or just a UFO over New York – I wouldn’t be too surprised.

But generally there’s a high level of WTF happening here!


Husbands and Wives – Joint hobbies don’t always work…

I can see it as being a great idea, to  open new lines of communication, bring you both closer together, and eventually: rediscover each other,


Some hobbies aren’t meant to be shared.         Or Mixed.

Crochet and the Art of Skoda Maintenance?

Mr Clarkson, Hammo and Captain Slow would be p’ing themselves right now….

Or making a racist joke about another country which is guaranteed to get them on the front pages around the world.

NSFW – For when Inflatable just doesn’t cut it anymore…

Living in the Australian National Capital brings with it an unexpected – some may say bonus, others would say scourge in the face of all that is decent- situation which can be confrontational.  Canberra has a large number of stores for those who wish to add some spice (or.. perhaps an entire shelf of condiments) to their rumpy-pumpy.

This means one has to turn a blind eye to the stores that promise all kinds of ways to “do it better!”, and sometimes it’s hard to know which store to go into when in need of a new dressage whip when two stores, right next to each other, have leather goods, whips and chains in the window.

The store that did not sell anything to convince a thoroughbred gelding to listen to leg aids recently decided to publicise a sale by placing on their roof a house-sized inflatable yellow Koala.  What erotic properties gigantic inflatable yellow koalas have, i am unsure, and please let me assure you – I have no real desire to find out.

Inflatable devices have also made it in the news recently.  Some of you may have heard of Oprah’s recent trip to Australia? and the massive flooding we are currently experiencing?  What you may not have heard is that some have taken to the impromptu waters with… impromptu watercraft….  with predictable results.

But – the fascination with life-sized anatomically semi-correct female dolls seems to have made it’s way into the world of Crochet.

And this is where you may need to check …behind…you… and swallow your coffee…

Because Oh my…

At least ‘she’ is wearing knickers! And… it would appear, Wonder Woman’s socks.

And at the risk of appearing as a member of the Breastapo, is it me or are those nipples crying out for pasties?