The Dread Horror – The Granny Square Dress

Do you remember – when she, that alabaster skinned Goddess of the screen, Cate Blanchett, shocked us all by wearing THAT dress – that monstrosity of Granny Squares?

In my wild What Not to Crochet days.. it heralded a rush of nausea and comments from around the world wondering whose couch she’d ripped that from??

No – none of us could believe it.. Neither by the looks of it can  Sam Neill aka Agent Smith of The Matrix.  Maybe he can’t classify the species…. and he’s recognised that Granny Squares are a a virus. Granny Squares are a disease, a cancer of Crochet… 


But in our quest to bring to you the Fug in the World of Weird Crochet, Revelation dawned – We had seen this before.

Yes – I had picked this as being worse than being Naked in a crowd….

Romance was born, in their 2009 Show decided to be… erm, revolutionary in crochet.

The crochet equivalent of brain freeze

What was of more concern was that another designer – Paul Smith did The Dress AGAIN… and… it seems trendy slings for those with fractured forearms.  Noting the carpal tunnel damaging nature of excessive crochet.. maybe there is some practicality here….

But there is still no excuse (or originality !) here

But true to historical and fashionical trends, where one designer introduces something revolutionary, then  others pick it up and crochet appears in the collections of eight different designers and then it filters down through the department stores and trickles on down into some dump bin….

And… if you have a burning desire to look like Cate Blanchett in some small way (and you can’t afford the $300 a pop SK-II product range) We now have the solution…. 

I weep for the future…..



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wonderv
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 09:54:53

    Oh, em, and gee. I crochet and still see no relay reason that this should ever happen. Really. Cardigan, hat, blanket….sure. But this ^^^ up there….never a good idea. Really?!


  2. Sherry
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 14:26:47

    Falling to her knees she reaches skyward and beseeches the gods, “Let it die! LET IT DIE!” If it won’t die on it’s own, shoot the damn thing!


  3. Sherry
    Feb 05, 2011 @ 17:00:43

    Did you see where your old place of employment has copied you? Yepper! WNTC has practically the same post but with a much less entertaining comment.


    • SB&C
      Feb 05, 2011 @ 18:00:24

      Not sactly employment but yes – the scene of my three year stint has been resumed by the original blogger. It is a shame that she can’t come up with her own ideas.


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