That’ll fix ’em

We’ve frequently wondered when, where and indeed, WHY you’d choose to wear some of the items that were featured on What Not To Crochet and will be soon reappearing here.    Pink nylon crocheted pantsuits possibly had their day, a single solitary day, somewhere back in the 70′s. And we hope never to come round to that one again.

But yet – for the first time, I think I have come up with a valid use for an item of Crocheted Fuggery that the maker thereof has not come up with.

I accept that these are troubled times we live in. And that in the past 10 years,  attempts to blow up aircraft have resulted in some tragedies and singed footwear but most frequently have articles in newspapers about over-enthusiastic transit security personnel conducting searches that, under other circumstances, would give the searchee and searcher something to confess on Sunday.

Having read another account of someone who has come away humiliated from an airport search, I thought “hmmmm” and then I found this:

See – if you’re wearing this, and someone’s doing a pat down search…..


Maybe fun fur does have it’s uses…


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